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3Ds Max

For Architectural 3D Visualization

Online Live Courses with Personal Support

A Master Course Specially Designed for Architectural, Civil Engineering & Interior Designing Professionals

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Three in One, Profession Oriented Comprehensive Learning Course

3Ds Max 2022

Learn to build accurate 3D models of the exterior, interior and furniture with easy to use, powerful tools.

V-Ray Next

Learn to render your models with realistic architectural materials, textures, finishes, lights & effects. 


Learn to add life and environment to rendered images, Transform them into photo-real, high-quality presentations.

Learn industry-standard applications with professional tips, secret tricks and professional approaches of
Architectural 3D Visualization

Learn from a Professional Who Has 20 Years of Industry Experience

Welcome! I am Sadanand Kulkarni a Civil Engineer and your trainer in this course. I am working as an Architectural 3D Visualizer in Pune, Maharashtra. Since the year 2000, I have been working with many renowned architects and real estate developers of Pune city. I have a long experience in 3D visualization of almost all types of projects in Architecture and Civil Engineering. In this course, I am going to share with you all those professional techniques and tricks, which I have been using for years.

Start to Finish, Professional Projects

This course is not just about the tools. I want to make you a professional 3d Visualizer. To achieve this goal, I will teach you to work in the same way, in which I have completed the projects for my clients. During the course, you have to complete many projects from the very beginning. 

Exterior Modeling & Daylight Rendering

Interior Modelling & Rendering

Rendering with Artificial Lighting

3D Sectional Floor Plan

Night scene Rendering

Furniture Modelling & Rendering

Structure of Course

Architectural 3D Modelling: 4 Weeks

Software Application: 3Ds Max 2022

● Introduction to workflow
● Basic modelling technics
● Advanced polygon modelling 
● Spline modelling
● Using AutoCAD drawings for reference
● Detailed architectural modelling 
● Modelling of architectural components
● 3D sectional floor plan modelling
● Management of scenes and files
● Walkthroughs & Animations

2: Photo-realistic Rendering (3 Weeks)

Software Application: Vray Next 5

● Fundamentals of rendering workflow
● Properties of architectural materials
● Creation of glossy and textured wall finishes
● Creation of reflective & refractive finishes
● Sunlight & Environment lighting
● Artificial lighting for indoor scene
● Global illumination technics
● Image render settings
● Use of online resources
● Rendering of the scene for post-processing

3: Post Processing: 1 Week

Software Application: Adobe Photoshop

● Fundamentals of Digital image
● Adjustment and retouching
● Compositing with layers
● Masking technics
● Environment & vegetation
● Correction of rendering errors
● Creation of Alpha Maps
● Making of custom textures
● Output for high-quality printing
● Output for online media


Online Live Training Through Secured Google Meet

2 Months Duration

Monday to Saturday

One Hour a Day

Join Free for First Three Days

Join online classes free for the first three days and experience yourself. Confirm your admission only after satisfaction!

Ask Your Questions in the Online Class at the Same Time.

The interaction between the students and the trainer will continue throughout the class. Whatever question comes to mind, students can immediately ask it at the same time.

Recording of Online Class for Offline Watching

The video recording of the online class is shared with the student on the same day. Students can download and watch it offline. With this, the training material will always be with the student.

Online Support Even After Completion of Training

The student will continue to receive personal online support even after the completion of the training. I am just a phone call or WhatsApp message away from you.

Submit Your Personal Projects, Get Reviewed & Improve Your Skillsets.

Even after the training is completed, You can share the rendered images of your projects with me. I will inspect them and put my suggestions. It will help you in improving your work.

Are You Already an Expert in AutoCAD 3D or Sketchup Modelling?

Congrats! You have already completed almost half the journey of becoming an Architectural 3D Visualizer.

But don’t you know how to render AutoCAD 3D or Sketchup models?

No Problem! I Have a Special Course

Only For Rendering

If you are able to prepare Architectural 3D models with AutoCAD or Sketchup efficiently, then you don’t need to learn architectural modelling with 3Ds Max again. You can render your AutoCAD and Sketchup models directly in 3DS Max and achieve professional quality output. A specialised one-month learning programme for Professional Rendering with Vray + Post-Processing with Photoshop is also available.

About Me


Sadanand Kulkarni

Dip. in Civil Engineering
Dip. in Multimedia (C-DAC Pune)
Dip. in Mass Communication
Google Certification in Digital Marketing

Hello there! 

In 1996, I started my career with a small architectural firm after completing my studies in civil engineering. Despite being a civil engineer, I had a keen interest in designing. I preferred working in architectural studios rather than working on construction sites. In the early days, I used to make architectural models from paper mount boards and acrylic colours. I have started the use of AutoCAD, 3ds Max, and Photoshop in the Year 2000 after completing a Diploma in Multimedia.

Along with this, I work with graphic designing, corporate video production, and digital marketing. I have given my services to many well-known architectural firms, real estate developers, Indian and multinational companies, etc.

I like to learn new things and share my experiences with people. I have started this course after providing professional services for a long time and gaining an ample amount of professional experience. I aim to nurture new skilled professionals for the field in which I have received education and have contributed for a long time.

My Architectural 3D Viz Work

Do You Want to Make 3D Visualizations Like These?

I'll Teach You In-Depth!

Many difficulties have to be faced while learning new things. Solving problems on your own takes a lot of time and energy. But you are no longer alone in your path to becoming a skilled Architectural 3D Visualizer. I am always with you as your trainer and guide. Learn under the guidance of a professional and become a professional!

Video Films Made by Me

Cracker Free Diwali (Hindi)
Client: Cummins India
Concept/ Script/ Editing: Sadanand Kulkarni
Voice: Mili Shrivastav

Khadakwasla Dam Rejuvenation (Marathi)
Client: NAAM Foundation & Green Thumb
Concept/ Script/ Editing: Sadanand Kulkarni
Voice: Sachin Khedekar

Mount Everest Summit (Trailer in Marathi)
Client: Giripremi
Concept/ Editing: Sadanand Kulkarni
Voice: Dr. Amit Tribhuvan


Course Name

Architectural 3D Visualisation

(3Ds Max + Vray + Photoshop)

New Batch Will Start on

01 September 2021

Course Fees
Rs. 6,500/-

Course Name

Rendering & Post Processing

(Vray for 3Ds Max + Photoshop)

Learn to render AutoCAD/ Sketchup models in 3Ds Max with Vray. Modelling with 3Ds Max is not included in this course.  

New Batch Will Start From

01 September 2021

Batch Time: Afternoon, 3 PM to 4 PM 

Course Fees

Join Free for First Three Days

Join online classes free for the first three days and experience yourself. Confirm your admission only after satisfaction!

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