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Looking for a wedding photographer? We approach weddings in a documentary and artistic way, trying to tell the story of your day honestly and unobtrusively. Our images are warm, romantic, and intimate. We hope to give you images that make you feel, not just see.

About US

I love capturing memories. That look, that smile, those tears, that brief moment frozen in time. Real memories, real emotions.

Arun Jadhav, AJ Photography

AJ is an artistic and passionate photographer who continues to deliver timelessly gorgeous photos that exceed expectations time and time again. With over 19 years of experience and a natural talent for photography, AJ’s interpretation of a moment and his ability to capture it create stunning and artistic photos for a lifetime of meaningful memories. AJ’s passionate and down-to-earth personality encourages maximum comfortably with the brides, grooms and families to capture just the right feeling and expression for breathtaking photos. 

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Our Services

We are dedicated to helping you preserve memories of your special events. With our premium photograph and videography services, you can look back and relieve the best days of your life for years to come

Wedding Photography

Cinematic Videography

Studio Photography

Photo Documentation

Kid's Photography

Corporate Events

School Events

Cultural Events

Why Choose Us?

With our professional expertise and high-quality modern equipments, we will beautifully capture each memory you create and enshrine them into premium photographs that you can treasure for life.

Personalized Service

Our highly skilled photographers offer interactive and personalized service to ensure premium photos that are a reflection of your vision


Unlike other photography services, we pay attention to the little things. We have an eye for each detail to provide a cohesive photo album for your events

Eye for Perfection

Our strong eye for perfection ensures the best lighting, background, coloring, & posing. This allows us to create a unique, flawless, & one-of-a-kind photo result

Professional Equipment

Our extensive collection of professional-grade photography equipment creates an exception and modern photo result every time

Our Institutional Clients

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Wedding & Pre-Wedding Packages


Contact for Quotation


Contact for Quotation


Contact for Quotation


Anywhere! We love photography, meet new people and making new relations. So we are happy to travel!

We generally start booking dates six months in advance, early booking are preferred for planning purposes. In any case, is best to check on our availability because it is possible that we are available even until a week before your wedding.

Yes! Normally a month before we would have a phone call or zoom/whtsapp cvideo call to run through the schedule of the day, shot lists for groups and any other requirements and questions.

Of course. All packages are a guide and we can add or take away items as required and I can provide you with a tailor made quote. Just let me know what you might be looking for.

Your images are ready within 3 to 4 weeks following the wedding. I always aim to try and deliver them sooner than this if possible.

We are a fully in-house team of photographers, cinematographers, editors etc. Your team will be led by Senior Director at our studio. We have flexible options based on your wedding investment – please contact us to work with our Client Services Team to create a package best suited to your unique wedding.

Yes! Safety first!! we all fully vaccinated and will be getting any and all boosters as recommended by medical professionals. I’m extremely pro-vax!

Yes, I will likely share some of your images online. If this is an issue for you please let me know ahead of time.


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