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Sketchup + Vray + Photoshop for Architectural 3D Visualization

Basic to Professional Pre-Recorded Video Course in Hindi


Create Stunning 3D Models and Renders with SketchUp + Vray + Photoshop

Learning Sketchup + Vray + Photoshop for architectural visualisation can be beneficial for anyone who wants to create realistic 3D models and renders of buildings, interiors, and other objects. It would be especially helpful for architects, interior designers, and other professionals who need to create 3D models and renders of their projects.

This online course will teach you how to use 3ds Max and V-Ray to create realistic architectural visualisations. You will learn how to model, texture, light, and render 3D models of buildings, interiors, and exteriors. You will also learn how to create animations and simulations of architectural designs.

Three in One Master Learning Package.

Sketchup Pro

Learn  architectural modelling with easy to use, powerful tools.

V-Ray Next

Render your models with realistic materials, lights and effects. 


Transform your rendering into a photo-real image, quickly.

Follow AutoCAD drawings, refer dimensions and build
accurate architectural 3D models with Sketchup.

Actual Images were taken from course lessons

Create realistic materials with Vray like various wall finishes,
floorings, metal finishes, glass panels etc.

Actual Images were taken from course lessons

Light up 3D scene with sunlight,
HDRI environment light and other artificial lights in Vray.

Add life to the rendered Image by placing trees,
plants, environment elements and people with Photoshop.

Start to Finish complete project

Visualize a real project of a bungalow, right from modelling to final output for printing.

Cleaning of AutoCAD drawing for Sketchup modelling.

Building an accurate 3D model with reference to plans & elevations.

Use of V-Ray materials, textures, sunlight and image rendering.

Add background environment, trees, grass, people in the rendered image

Render Photo-Realistic images

Actual Images taken from course lessons

Rendering with artificial lights

Rendering with daylight

Night scene rendering

3D Sectional floor plan

Index of audio-visual lessons

Architectural modelling

01 Introduction
02 Getting started
03 Viewport settings
04 Line
05 Shapes
06 2d to 3d
07 Object anatomy
08 Move and Copy
09 Rotate
10 Offset
11 House
12 Scale
13 Mirror
14 Guides
15 Angular guides
16 Revolved objects
17 Cornices and Moldings
18 Groups
19 Components
20 Hide and Lock
21 Outliner
22 Layers
23 Counters
24 Materials
25 Scenes
26 3D Warehouse
27 Extension Warehouse
28 Shell objects
29 Geo Location
30 File operations
31 Gable roof
32 Hipped roof
33 Dog legged staircase
34 Railing
35 Doors and Windows
36 Library management
37 Exterior scene camera placement
38 Interior camera placement
39 3d plan modelling

Start to finish project

40 AutoCAD drawing cleanup
41 Import AutoCAD file
42 Import image as a reference
43 Finishing front walls

44 Finishing ground floor walls
45 Finishing first floor walls
46 First floor terraces
47 Pergola
48 Doors and Windows
49 Terrace floor details
50 Steps and railing
51 First floor terraces
52 Balcony railing
53 Glass railing
54 Landscape objects
55 Compound wall and Entrance gate
56 Getting started with walls
57 finishing front walls

V-Ray rendering system

58 Introduction to V-Ray
59 How V-Ray works
60 CPU/ GPU and Hybrid rendering
61 Interactive rendering
62 Viewport region rendering
63 V-Ray sunlight settings
64 High dynamic range environment
65 Photographic exposure
66 Photographic daylight setup
67 Infinite Plane
68 Artificial lights
69 Interior scene lighting
70 Hybrid lighting
71 Table lamp
72 Spot light
73 IES lights
74 Fill light
75 Glow sign board
76 Introduction to Vray materials
77 Materials with bitmaps
78 Opacity maps
79 Built in alpha channel
80 Reflective materials
81 Metallic finishes
82 Clear and coloured glass
83 Frosted glass
84 Water surfaces
85 Tinted glass panels
86 Emissive material
87 Translucent curtains
88 Readymade materials
89 Colour bleeding

90 What is global illumination
91 Primary and secondary rays
92 Ambient occlusion
93 Reflection override
94 Material override
95 3D trees and plants
96 3D Proxy objects
97 Vegetation extensions
98 Realistic grass lawn
99 Render parameters
100 Render output size and resolution
101 Image format for final output


102 3d plan rendering
103 Bedroom rendering in daylight
104 Living room in artificial lighting
104 Night outdoor scene rendering

Post processing in Photoshop

105 Why photoshop?
106 Photoshop introduction
107 Image handling in photoshop
108 Light and colour correction
109 Image healing
110 History
111 Image cropping
112 Image Size
113 Layers
114 Management of layers
115 Human figure cutouts
116 Cutout trees
117 Billboard Bitmaps

Image composition in Photoshop

118 Realistic grass in Photoshop
119 Environment and background
120 Foreground trees and plants
121 People cutouts and shadows

Demo Lessons

01 Introduction

02 Getting started

03 Viewport settings

04 Lines

05 Shapes

06 2D to 3D

07 Sub objects

08 Move & Copy

09 Rotate Objects

10 Offset

11 Basic house modelling



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